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Samana Lake Views

Starting from 660,000 AED


Lagoons – Malta by Damac

Starting from 2,800,000 AED


Golf Greens by Damac

Starting from 1,300,000 AED



Working With The Top Real Estate Developers In Dubai

In the dynamic and evolving world of Dubai’s real estate market, choosing the right developer is a critical component for the success of any investment. That’s why at FALCON, we focus on collaborating with the city’s largest and leading construction firms. The importance of working with the best is not limited to construction quality, but also extends to stability, reliability, and long-term value assurance. These companies, with a rich history of successful and innovative projects, ensure a smooth and profitable purchase for our clients. Our commitment to working only with the best is a guarantee of quality, luxury, and smartĀ investment.

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Working with Falcon-Yields Means:

Property Selection

Property Selection: We assist our clients in finding the perfect property that aligns with their budget and investment goals.

Preparation and Maintenance

Once the property is acquired, we conduct a thorough check for any required maintenance or upgrades to ensure it meets high standards.

Photography and Listing

After the property is ready, we professionally photograph it and publish the listing on Airbnb and similar platforms to attract guests.

Guest Satisfaction

We manage the property during guests stays, ensuring their experience is top-notch and addressing any needs or queries they have.

Post-Stay Maintenance

After guests depart, we handle all necessary maintenance, ensuring the property is always in pristine condition for the next visitors.

Transparent Management

Clients can track and manage their property investment through our user-friendly management app, providing them with complete visibility and control over their investment.


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